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Minor 2nds – Playing by Name on Guitar Down

In this lesson, we will play Minor 2nds on the guitar going down.

The one special case is similar to what we learned before.

If the interval crosses over the B and G string going down we do the opposite and subtract one fret.

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Minor 2nds – Playing by Name on Guitar

We learned already that If the next fret goes outside the current position, the note will wrap around to the next string.

There is one other important exception we need to know about on the guitar.

Minor 2nds – Guitar


In level 2 you will learn about intervals.

An Interval is a measurement of the musical distance between two notes.

Intervals can be thought of as musical inches.

Intro Tutorial 1

Welcome to UltraMusician!

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The first note we will learn is called Middle C.

To find Middle C first look for two black keys near the center of the piano.

All Intervals – Ear Training Chord

In this lesson, you will hear all twelve intervals played as chords and try to identify them.

This can be a very challenging task, namely because when the two notes are played together, an interval and its inversion can sound almost alike.

Here is a chart showing each interval and its inversion.

6ths and 7ths Ear Training Up

In the next set of lessons, we will hear 6ths and 7ths played ascending and try to identify them.

Here is an example of each: