All Intervals – Reading Music

In the next set of lessons, we will review all twelve intervals.

Here is a breakdown of the characteristics of each:

Interval Half Steps Category
Minor 2nd 1 Strong Dissonance
Major 2nd 2 Weak Dissonance
Minor 3nd 3 Imperfect Consonance
Major 3rd 4 Imperfect Consonance
Perfect 4th 5 Perfect Consonance
Tritone 6 Strong Dissonance
Perfect 5th 7 Perfect Consonance
Minor 6th 8 Imperfect Consonance
Minor 7th 10 Weak Dissonance
Major 7th 11 Strong Dissonance
Octave 12 Perfect Consonance

When played as chords, the key is to judge the level of dissonance or roughness of each interval.

Imperfect consonances tend to have an warm, emotional quality.

Weak dissonances tend to be rough but somewhat neutral.

Strong dissonances sound quite harsh.

Interval&nbsp&nbsp Category&nbsp&nbsp Example
Minor 6th&nbsp&nbsp Imperfect Consonance

Major 6th&nbsp&nbsp Imperfect Consonance&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

Minor 7th&nbsp&nbsp Weak Dissonance

Major 7th&nbsp&nbsp Strong Dissonance

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