Getting started with ear training?

Hey I’m new to music and I wanted to know what the best way was to get started with ear training.


  1. Getting Started
    The best way to start is learning the difference between major and minor seconds. If you go to the tree of knowledge, and start in the bottom left corner, it will train you to hear them up, down, and as chords.

  2. hey Daveshell69
    Ear training

    hey Daveshell69

    Ear training is a mission in the beginning but devinetly worth your while in the long runn.

    1. Hearing Large Intervals
      The best way to learn to hear large intervals is to relate them to a nearby interval that is easy to hear. One way to do this is to hear the interval, then imagine the next note the melody wants to move to.

      For example, when you hear an ascending minor 6th such as C Ab, the note that it probably wants to go to next is to G. G is easy to hear because its a perfect 5th. Now you can deduce that if the higher note was a half step above a perfect 5th, then it must be a minor 6th.

      This works the same for a major 6th except that its a whole step above a perfect 5th.

      For 7ths, they commonly want to go up to the octave. For example, an ascending major 7th C B naturally wants to go up another half step to the C octave. You can then deduce that the B must be a half step below the octave, making it a major 7th.

      The same strategy works for a minor 7th, except that it is a whole step below the octave.

      Hope that helps.

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