Reading and Playing Lines on the Treble Clef

Now we will practice reading line notes in music notation and playing them on the piano.

As before, the first step is to name the note in question using Every Good Boy Does Fine.

In this case, the note is D.

Now we must find it on the piano.

We know the note is D, but there are many notes on the piano named D.

How do we know which one to choose?

The answer is that we must learn about Octaves.

An octave is the distance from one note to the next note of the same name.

For example, the distance from Middle C to the next C above it is an octave.

It is called an octave because like an octopus has eight legs, an octave is 8 keys away.

On the treble clef, the C an octave higher than middle C looks like this.

It is on the 3rd space of the staff.

If a note is below high C, it will be here on the piano.

In other words, it will be in the octave just to the right of middle C.

If the note is above high C, it is here on the piano.

In other words, it will be in the second octave above middle C.

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