Major 6ths – Dictation Down

In the next lesson, you will hear Major 6ths played downwards and attempt to write them in music notation.

As we mentioned earlier, large descending intervals can be challenging to hear.

Another strategy is called “completing the melody”.

For example, if we hear a descending Major 6th, we then try to sing the notes that would naturally follow:

Based on the minor sound of the last three notes we can infer that they form a Minor 3rd.

We can then guess that the larger interval before them was a Major 6th.

Note: you don’t actually write the extra notes. You merely sing them to yourself as a tool for helping you hear the interval.

The most important thing with any of these strategies is to practice.

The more time you spend ear training, the more skillful your ears will become at hearing these intervals.

You are ready.