Guitar Minor 3rds

Minor 3rds

The next interval we will learn about is called a Minor 3rd.

As we learned in previous lessons, an interval is called “Minor” if it is one half step smaller than a Major interval.

Therefore, to understand Minor 3rds, we must first understand Major 3rds.

A Major 3rd means going up 3 degrees in the Major Scale.

In the key of C, a Major 3rd is the interval from C to E.

A Minor 3rd, on the other hand, would be formed by lowering the third degree by a half step.

We call this a “Flat 3rd” written “b3”.

A Major Third is equal to two Whole Steps.

This is because it is part of the major scale, which is Whole Whole Half, Whole Whole Whole Half.

A Minor Third, which is smaller than a Major Third, is equal to a Whole Step + a Half Step.

A Minor Third is also equal to three half steps.

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