Bass Playing Accidentals

The notes you have learned to play so far in position 1 are called Naturals.

These are notes that are named after a letter, such as A, B, C, etc…

The notes that fall in between Naturals are called Accidentals.

There are two kinds of accidentals called Sharps and Flats which are written like this:

We think of accidentals as being natural notes that have been shifted up or down.

If the accidental is formed by raising a note up, we call it a Sharp (#).

For example, if you raise D up by one fret, it becomes D#.

If the accidental is formed by lowering the note down, we call it a Flat (b).

For example, if you lower E by one fret, it becomes Eb.

We will learn later how decide if it is better to call something a sharp or a flat.

If neither one is specified, just guess.

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